Young Woman Reunited With Dog, Then The Same Day Put To Sleep

What could be worse than being away from your beloved doggie, maybe if you were reunited with them only to have to put them to sleep, this time the separation would be forever…

This young woman was forced to put to sleep her beloved doggie the very same day she was reunited with her.

She is a rare breed, a cattle dog, and she was found after an extensive five-day search, poor girl must be heartbroken.

Her name is Ashleigh Taylor and she mounted a search with the help of the local in the area after her dog was stolen from her outside the Kimberleyland caravan Park in Kununurra, WA, the dog was in her ute, so her best friend, Flickr was gone!

The are was searched exhaustively by neighbors truck drivers, rangers, and helicopter pilots too after her story went viral on social media.

All the efforts paid off when they found her about 6 miles from home.

Someone speaking on Ms. Taylor’s behalf sent a video to the Find Flikr Facebook page, saying that the young girl, 22-year-old had to put Flikr to sleep after had telltale signs of eating poison.

They said:

“One of Ash’s biggest fears was that Flikr might eat poison that the station put out for dingoes …Unfortunately, sometime this morning, just before Ash would’ve got to her, she’s eaten some poison.”

He also said that the poor girl was elated, but then that quickly turned to a deep sadness as she notices Flikr display signs of being poisoned…

“It takes a while to have an effect …Ash has just had to put Flikr down so she couldn’t do this so I said I would do it for her.

“Worst update ever.”

Ms. Taylor lives about 2500 miles from her relatives that live in Western Australia, she said that Flikr was the closest thing in the world she had to family while working in the Moola Bulla station.

The appeal she made to find her beloved Flikr was viewed hundreds of thousands of time in all, it was heartfelt!

She said:

“We’ve traveled Australia together, I’ve had her since she was eight-weeks-old, and we haven’t been apart for more than six days”

She went on to say:

“She was coming back to me by herself, which is absolutely incredible”

“I went and camped out last night where she was found, where she climbed a ladder and got into a tank on our station – which was 15 to 20km away from where she was left and across two paddocks.”

“This morning, I drove back in, went around all the other tanks to put milk crates in them, in case she ended up in another tank.”

She described the dog like this to the news:

...“my best mate, my family, I am utterly heartbroken”.

Police said to Ms. Taylor that it was six children that were actually the culprits, they stole her ute with the dog in, then let the dog out about 6 miles from where the ute was left.

What a terrible for the poor dog, we hope that she finds justice for this terrible crime and that Flikr is running in the fields beyond the rainbow!

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