Guy Smashes Dogs Teeth As Girlfriend Laughs In Lift Caught On Security Camera

There are times in life when we feel so shocked that it stuns you for a moment, so much that you kind of freeze and are not quite sure what to do, this is just one of those moments….

This young guy, dragged his dog so hard into the lift that what happened to him is that he actually smashed his front teeth, we feel completely disgusted!

After this awful and disturbing attack on his dog the girlfriend of the guy does something unbelievable, she smiled and laughed at the security camera.

The court heard about the incident backed up by clear evidence on the video, showing the dog’s owner, the young guy, Daniel Cheslin, and his girlfriend and what they were doing.

The security camera footage also showed the terrible acts of animal cruelty carried out on the poor dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Rudy.

The operator of the security camera system was equally shocked and gave the footage of what happened to the animal rescue association, the RSPCA, clearly showing the lift attack.

This footage was taken in the UK at a place called Bedford House, in Smiths Wood, where, at the time, Cheslin who is homeless is staying with his girlfriend, Jade Bellingham, seen in the video.

The security footage shows three clips all taken from the camera in the lift.

The first showed the two of them going into the lift and the young guy kicking and slapping the dog, then punching the dog hard in the back, we are lost for words.

There is also more footage, showing the couple in the lift with another guy…

Sarah Pratt, the prosecutor said:

“Cheslin then pulls the dog so that he seems to lift off from the floor …He hits the back of the lift with such force it causes the CCTV camera to shake,”

There are other clips that show the guy pushing down hard on his dog’s hind-quarters and tapping his nose over and over, as well as punching him on top of his head.

Sarah, the prosecutor, said that Rudy was examined by a vet and that he noted that two of his front teeth were missing, consistent with what they saw in the video!

The dog also had more injuries, to his head and burst blood vessels in his eyes, likely to have been caused by being struck in the head.

The court went on to examine other instances where the same guy was cruel to a Bull Mastiff puppy named John, that both he and his girlfriend had been looking after, or should we say not looking after!

One couple that lived in the same block reportedly heard a dog yelp out loud when the accused couple were arguing. It was also reported that the young guy has been seen rubbing a puppy in urine and dropping him on the ground from a height.

He, as the court heard, would make a Bull Mastiff stay sat on a chair, not allowing him to move while punching him in the ribs.

He pleaded guilty to the charges of animal cruelty and was jailed for 12 months, he was also banned from keeping any animal for 15 years…

In passing sentence Judge Jonathan Gosling said:

“This dog was gratuitously ill-treated by the defendant. He accepted assaulting it on numerous occasions.”

“Rudy was a passive and even-tempered dog and despite that, the defendant was wantonly cruel.”

Ian Gold, for, Cheslin, said:

“He has a number of personal problems, not the least of which are depression and anxiety as well as anger management.”

We are at least pleased that this guy has been caught and punished, we only wished the sentences could have been a lot longer!

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