Young Guy Punishes His Dog With A Baseball Bat

Baseball bats are exactly that, a bat used to play baseball, not a way to teach a dog or anyone else for that matter…

This young guy, Sisco, pleaded guilty to beating his dog with a baseball bat and is now serving time for his crime in the Jail at Butler County!

This young guy, highly misguided and maybe even a little disturbed, 18-years-old, was charged with a misdemeanor cruelty, towards ‘companion animals’, at his arraignment he entered a guilty plea.

The magistrate, Christopher Atkins, sentenced the guy to 90 days in jail, but stayed the sentence, Sisco, of course, did not return to the court and a warrant was issued against him.

He was also ordered to pay costs of $208 to the Sheriff’s Office of Butler County and $558 to the rescue group, the ‘Animal Friends Humane Society’.

He said that he punished his dog, called Deuce, a pit bull breed of dog, for making a mess of the cage by defecating inside the cage.

The Humane Society was called with a report of a guy beating a dog with a baseball bat, the neighbor caught him carrying out this abuse on video and sent it to the police!

At the same property there were a total of eight dogs, all pit bull mixes, thankfully they were all taken away from the property and are now safe.

You can see that in the video, Sisco hit the dog with the bat, the poor dog on his side, Deuce tried to escape but it was futile, Sisco just walked away after the terrible ordeal…

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