The Last Day Before They Put Her Down, A Year Old Pup Reaches Her Paw For Help

Some of us are dog people and some of us are not, then others are dog people that don’t know we are yet… this story is about those people, Jon Patel and his wife Kayla were not entirely sure that they indeed wanted a dog, or not…

With this thought in mind they went to the local rescue center But in early May, Jon went to a local shelter in Jackson, Tennessee, to have a look around.

Jon said: “There was a bunch of pit bulls and cats there, and the dogs were barking and jumping up on the cages”

There was one particular dog that caught his attention, a young pit bull, she wasn’t barking of jumping and she seemed to be somehow special…

There are times in life when you feel something special, that literally calls out to you in some way and for Jon, this was one of those times!

He went on to say:

“She was just sitting there very calmly while the other dogs were barking their heads off …So I went over to her cage, and she stuck her little paw out, and when I reached my hand down, she stuck her little paw out through the cage, and I grabbed it. After that, I called Kayla and said, ‘We’ve got to get this dog.’”

The family found out that the dog’s previous owners had given her up as they said she was no longer cute!

Jon said:

“Once she grew out of being a puppy, they just abandoned her there …A lot of people get them [pit bulls] when they’re puppies because they think they’re cute, and when they grow up, they just abandon them, and that’s what happened to her.”

Kayla said:

“To this day, I don’t understand why anyone would give her up because she’s so sweet and loving …She’s never met a person or a tennis ball that she doesn’t love immediately.”

Ellie, the pit bull they loved was due to be put down the very same day that they visited the shelter, but Jon persuaded the shelter not to do it, and to let him have her, to adopt her.

Jon said:

“They said that if we didn’t come Monday, they would have to put her down …She’s only a year old, and if they put her down, it would have been such a waste of life.”

The family did what they said, and on Monday they got Ellie from the shelter and took her home to their apartment, Ellie was a lucky doggie!

Jon said:

“As soon as I brought her into the door, she was just running all over the apartment, jumping on the bed, jumping on the couch …We gave her a bath that night. She just laid down in the tub with the water on …It was really funny.”

Ellie is really developing her character, she is relaxed and loves sleeping, playing with a ball, and love to go everywhere with the family!

Kayla said:

“She won’t let you out of her sight — ever …Even if you creep out of the room … she’s coming after you because she wants to keep her eye on you. I think she just loves us and she wants to be near us all the time.”

They also discovered that she really loves bubbles too, one day, in particular, they took some bubbles home, to see how she would react to them, well she really does love it when the family blows bubbles for her to play with!

Peoples reactions to Ellie, as a pit bull, is the only hard part as people are fearful of her…

Kayla said:

“People have crossed the street to avoid walking near her because she’s a pit bull …We also get a lot of sideways glances and people kind of muttering about her. But she literally just chases butterflies all day. She’s not going to hurt anybody.”

The family adore her and give her love and cuddles and will treasure her forever!

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