One of the worst cases rescued – he bounced with excitement when he met his new family!

How we find the strength to continue in the face of darkness is truly amazing, there isn’t a pup that knows this better than Adam. He was found living in terrible conditions alongside 54 other animals outside of Tallahassee, Florida.

Adam was pink, you could see his skin because he was hairless, covered largely in scabs because of a skin infection, his skin was really painful and he didn’t want you to touch it!

When the rescuers, from the ASPCA, first found him they really didn’t think that he could have much a future, he was in such a poor condition.

Manager of Escambia County Animal Services, John Robinson, said: “He was among the worst cases I’ve seen in my many years in animal welfare.”

John Robinson, a division manager of Escambia County Animal Services, which helped care for Adam, said in a statement:


“Aside from his poor physical condition, he was extremely fearful and under-socialized, and showed signs of depression and stress.”

But even in the face of all this, Adam’s rescuers didn’t give up on him, even though for most dogs that would be the end of them. After a few weeks of antibiotics on and off and many medicated baths, his fur started growing back.

He was starting to feel himself and his personality was coming out, but, just as he was starting to heal something else came up!

Hurricane Irma was hitting the state of Florida, Adam had to depart from the one safe place he had come to love.


He was then moved to the Providence Animal Center (PAC) in Media, Pennsylvania, this was the start of a new chapter for him and one of the first moves towards his forever home.

Chuck and Pat Feldman at this same time, was considering adding another member to their family, adding to their already two dogs called Cooper and Mocha.

Chuck and Pat needed a pup who would fit in with them and their two other dogs too. A pup playful enough for the young boxer mix called Cooper yet kind and gentle enough for Mocha, who is older and needed calm and kindness.

The pup also needed to get along with cats, three of them… It was Dayna Villa the rescue center’s operations director, who suggested who might be a perfect fit!

Pat Feldman said:

“She thought [Adam’s] playfulness would be good for Cooper but he would be respectful and gentle with our older girl …My son and I took our two dogs to the center to meet [him]. The dogs were first introduced through the fence and when that went well, [Adam] came into the play yard where we were.”


Adam had flourished into a wonderful character, his playful and lovely self that even a lifetime of neglect couldn’t change!

Feldman said:

“To say he came into the yard is an understatement …It was more like he bounced into the yard. He seemed so happy, even the volunteer who was there with us said she had never seen him act that way.”

“That was all it took …He came home with us that afternoon.”

The Feldmans adopted Adam, it was the 4th October and they also changed his name to something that they thought suited him much better, Astro.

In the next couple of months, Astro had quickly adjusted to his new hole and his place as a loved and completely adored pet!


Feldman said:

“Astro makes us laugh …He bounces around our house. He has given Cooper a playmate and which has made life much easier for our older boxer.”

Astro loves other dogs, but he is still very shy and nervous around others, more than anything around men though. The family has worked with a trainer to build his confidence and nurture him, now he is making leaps and bounds!

Astro has given his rescuers and others around him the inspiration to never give up…

The ASPCA, Adam Leath, regional director said:

“Seeing Astro today gives me strength to continue fighting for the victims of cruelty”


“My heart goes out to his new family, who gave him a second chance and have shown him what it’s like to be loved.”

The Feldmans are really overjoyed with their new family member.they said that he really has brought peace and happiness to their lives!

They added to that:

“It makes us feel really good that we could give this wonderful, sweet, shy guy a loving home and family.”

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