Woman’s devastated when dog’s stolen from her yard. 7 years later, they reunite

Kelly Accettola and her husband Donavon decided nine years back to adopt their very own dog while they lived in New York.

Kelly was a combat medic in the Army, while Donavon was a nuclear engineer in the Navy; and they decided a dog would be a good way to have some company while the other was deployed.

The couple adopted an Italian Greyhound and named it after their favorite singer, Max Bemis. Ever since that day, the Italian Greyhound known as Bemis became an official member of the Accettola family.

“He was my best friend and we did everything together,” Kelly said when asked about Bemis.

Two years after adopting Bemis, the family moved to Norfolk, Virginia.


One day Bemis was playing in the backyard, but after a lot of time passed; he never scratched on the back door to be let back in. Confused by this, Kelly stepped outside to bring Bemis back in, but he was nowhere to be seen.

In a panic, Kelly did everything she could to try and locate Bemis but had no luck in the end. In fact, Kelly and Donavon had even outfitted Bemis with a microchip capable of GPS tracking but were still not able to find the Italian Greyhound anywhere.


“It was kind of then that I sort of gave up hope, but come to find out, even changing your phone number can’t stop fate from happening,” Kelly said.

What happened was Tracy Tucker, a woman in Gastonia, North Carolina; was driving home from work when she unknowingly came upon Bemis on the streets. She slowed her car and opened the door welcoming Bemis in; who jumped right in without a second guess.


Tracy then took Bemis to the Wilkinson Animal Hospital, lead the veterinarians to find the microchip that was once placed in Bemis for tracking.

Although Kelly’s original contact number had already changed by then; they were able to contact the American Kennel Club Reunite and locate the number of Kelly’s mother in law.

Kelly, who lived in San Diego at the time, immediately flew to Bemis when she got word that he was finally located after seven whole years.

This incredible reunion is really unlike any other; and with no expectations of ever seeing Bemis again after missing him for seven whole years, Kelly and Bemis were finally together again.

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