She Is Caught On Camera Repeatedly Throwing Her Dog Into Frigid Lake


A woman in Ohio was caught on camera repeatedly throwing her dog into a frigid and turbulent Lake Erie; sparking outrage on social media and a police investigation.

Vermillion resident Elijah Boggs recorded the video at Showse Park on Tuesday evening and shared it on YouTube; where it has gone viral and eventually caught the attention of the Vermillion Police Department.

In the minute-long cellphone footage captured at Tiki Beach at around 6.15pm; a woman dressed in a bright-red shirt and black pants is seen standing on a dock with a small ginger dog on a leash.

The pet owner then rolls up her pant legs, leads her pet to the edge of the jetty and pushes it into the choppy waters.

A few seconds later, the dog emerges from the lake soaking wet and shakes itself off; but its owner grabs the visibly reluctant animal a second time and pulls it towards the lake.


When Boggs confronts the woman about her actions, she can be heard saying that she is ‘training the dog to swim’.

Boggs points out that she should not be doing it in such rough conditions, but the woman would not listen.

As the dog owner prepares to try and throw her pooch into the lake a third time; Boggs runs up to her and threatens to calls the cops.

In the comments section on YouTube, Boggs wrote that the temperature of the water in the lake was 59 degrees that day; and that he did follow through with his threat and contacted the Vermillion Police Department, but ‘they did nothing’.

By Wednesday morning, however, Boggs’ video had gone viral and the local police opened an investigation into the incident; posting screenshots from Bogg’s footage on its Facebook page and asking for the public’s help in identifying the woman.

The department eventually identified the dog owner in the video and turned the case over to the prosecutor’s office for review, but police said there was nothing malicious about her actions, according to Fox 8.

Police said they consulted with a veterinarian and Animal Protective League officers as part of the probe.

A police dispatcher in Vermillion told the station WKYC that dog in the video was unharmed.


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