She Tried To Choke Her Puppy, She Even Recorded The Entire Scene On Her Phone!


A shocking case of dog mistreatment has surfaced on social media lately and has caused massive turmoil in Iran.

The video shows a woman trying to choke her puppy; as the helpless pet desperately tries to escape.

The entire incident took place out of the public’s sight, in the woman’s apartment.

It seems that the owner got extremely upset that the puppy had made a mess in the kennel; so she decided to teach the dog a lesson it would never forget.

The woman proceeds to immobilize the canine by placing her shoe over it’s neck and pushes with all her force. The dog whimpers in distress in a desperate cry for help.

This goes on for over a minute; until the dog finally managed to break loose and cowers in a corner, just near the kennel.


The woman is not only without a heart, she is also reckless enough to record the entire scene with her mobile phone and later uploaded the video on social media; bragging about what she had done.

The footage caused massive negative reactions.

As soon as she realized her mistake, she deleted the video and her account altogether; but the footage had already gone viral.

Volunteers and activists from all over Iran joined forced and managed to track down the callous woman and finally rescued the dog.

Visibly shaking like a leaf and in terrible pain; the canine could not be happier to see activists walk into its owner’s apartment.

The dog was taken to the veterinarian’s office and will be kept under surveillance for a while, but its state of health is beginning to slowly improve.

The woman’s behavior is unacceptable – there is no excuse for what she did!

No dog – or any animal as a matter of fact – should be treated in this manner ever.


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