Woman Stops At Nothing To Save A Blind Senior Dog Living Under Piles Of Trash!

Some stories are really touching in a special way, we think that this is one of those stories, seeing animals in distress is not so nice, but awakening to the truth, but seeing true redemption, gives us hope…

This woman was out walking in the town when she passed an abandoned property, she looked through the fence like most of us curious types do, only to catch a bit of movement that caught her attention.

She looked at that spot intently and sure enough, there was movement there, now she was really intrigued…

And she really could not believe what she was seeing, there was something moving in the corner of the property, how strange!

She really quite quickly worked out that she was actually seeing a small doggie…

senior dog

She met with her friend, who just happened to be an experienced animal rescuer and the two of them went back there, prepared for an orphaned pup, they had blankets, food, and water.

As they approached the senior dog, they were heartbroken to see that she was not only in awful condition but also blind in both eyes, how heartbreaking!!

senior dog

This poor little doggie was a senior dog and she had peed and sat in it she was so petrified the poor little one…

She had not realized that help was here and this was her lifeline, she just froze with the fear that something bad was going to happen to her, she quickly hid in the pile of trash.

senior dog

Blind and completely abandoned this poor old girl had been living under piles of trash, thankfully these awesome people had come to save her and give her a justified safe and loving chance in her remaining time.

They scooped up the little old girl carefully in blankets and took her home with them, she had a lovely warm bath and was brushed and fed, she had the worse case of flees they had ever seen!

They called her Fiona and then the next day took her to the vet to get some treatment, the vet as able to operate on her eye and give her sigh back even!

senior dog

Fiona needed tender love and care, and that is exactly what she got, you can watch the amazing story below:

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