Woman Starves Her Puppy In Front Of Her Kids And Said She Loved Him!

Letting your faithful four-pawed friend go hungry is cruel by anyone’s standards, but to teach your children to do this is really despicable! This woman starved her lurcher, in front of the children but then still said she loved the family pet.

Margot was her name, the RSPCA inspectors said that they acted on a report from a member of the public, she was emaciated and needed proper care the RSPCA told the Sunderland Magistrates Court.

Kayleigh Laybourne was heard in the court, the 27 year old didn’t seem to accept the fact that she should feed the dog, that in itself surely rings alarms bells for me!

The prosecutors on behalf of the RSPCA, Mr Ellwood said:“An inspector visited the home Laybourne shared with her two children after a complaint was made about her in June.”

Laybourne failed to respond, even though there were three separate visits made to her by the charity.


Mr Ellwood said:

“This case concerns a dog – Margot. She was emaciated” … “Margot was in a small, cramped utility area” … “She was extremely skinny, with prominent hips, ribs, and spine. All the ridges on the spine were visible.

“She agreed to the dog being taken to a vet to be checked over. “Margot weighed 25.3kg, she should have weighed 30kg.” … “She was in poor body condition, with a poor quality coat.” … “Bloods were taken which showed she had a low red cell count and other problems, either as a result of starvation or liver problems.”

“On July 28, Margot returned to the vet.” … “All that had happened was that she had been fed a proper diet.”… “She weighed 31.4kg.”

“I can safely say that Margot was suffering from emaciation from lack of food.” … “Since emaciation is the lowest stage of starvation that a dog can reach before death, this case must have involved a prolonged period of suffering.”

“Sadly the offense would appear to have been committed in the presence of children. “Whilst the defendant accepts she should have taken the dog to the vet, she doesn’t appear to accept that she should have fed it.”

“Margot has now been fed back to full health.”


Laybourne, from Laybourne in Sunderland, pleaded guilty to the two counts of ‘causing unnecessary suffering’ to a protected animal, her dog Margot!

Gavin Sword who was defending Laybourne told the court that she had failed to reply to the notices because she had been away for the weekend, he explained that what she had done was not deliberate and she wasn’t trying to avoid the responsibility.

The RSPCA called to find that the dog had dried biscuits but no water, in a cramped room, she said that the dog was only in the utility room while she put the baby down for a nap and that the dog being in there wasn’t permanent and the water was drunk because it was a hot day.

Sunderland Magistrates Court

It was said, in her defense, that she was being advised about the dog, but the advice was bad advice ‘erroneous as it was called.’

It was also said that she loved the dog and was planning to take her to the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity, next week when she didn’t have the children…

Well there you have it, I know what I think, and I’m inclined to think the you agree! She will be sentenced on 7th December, I wonder what will happen!

What do you think ?