Woman Starts A Senior Dog Retirement Home For Unwanted, Older Pets – You Have To See This

If you think that it’s only humans who have retirement homes, think again. Dogs have retirement homes too. And if you’re wondering what life is like in a dog’s retirement home, then read on and watch the video below and check that senior dog ‘s.

This video by National Geographic let’s you take a peek inside a dog’s retirement home. The House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary houses nearly two-dozen senior dog ‘s in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The residents of this sanctuary are dogs and cats who have lost their families and homes through no fault of their own.

And because of their advanced age and various medical conditions, they have little chance of being adopted.

But thanks to Sher Polvinale and a team of volunteers, these senior dogs are spending quite a comfortable life as they spend their golden years in the retirement home. Sher and her team spare no expense as they cater to the dogs’ every need. Watch the video below and learn more.

I got teary-eyed looking at all those beautiful senior dogs! I’m so glad those wonderful people are there to care for them!

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