Woman Sees Dog Thrown In River With Anchor Tied To His Neck!

Sometimes we see things that we don’t want to see, but nevertheless sometimes also seeing those things can be a good thing if it helps someone or an animal in some way, shape or form! This is just one of those cases…

From Lithuania, a woman called Audra Petraskiene had seen a sight that she wishes no one would ever have to see, something that shook her very being, however, she was glad that she saw, because it helped to save a dog’s life that day!

Driving along the road next to the river bank, Audra saw a very alarming sight, it was a dog with what looked like a metal weight tied to its neck, wet, cold, and shivering.

Audra had to do something, she needed to take action, and that’s just what she did too, she rushed to the dog to help, without even a second thought.

The dog had been tied to a sort of homemade anchor and thrown in the river, the clever and strong little dog had swum and fought his hardest and got back to the river bank.

Audra was really upset to see what had been done to him, she took him straight to the vet, the vet sad that the anchor weighed over 13 pounds!

The police were called and they mounted an investigation, they found the dogs original owner, who sad that their dog, Toriuk, disappeared recently and that they suspected it was a neighbor who worked with the same material that the anchor had been made from.

The neighbor was arrested and he is now going to trial …if he is found guilty that we hope that the full extent of the law drops upon him from a great height!

The brave little doggie has had his treatment at the vets and safely back with his family and his original owner, he is getting lots of love and feels really great!

See the video below to watch the moments when Audra gets out of her car and goes to the petrified Toriuk.

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