Woman Says She Will Taser and Shoot Puppy In One Of Her Posts

One thing for sure in today’s society is that if you make threats on social media, especially again innocent animals then there are going to be wide-ranging repercussions, no doubt!

Who in their right mind would really even consider threatening to taser and shoot a dog then post it on social media? That being said there was one woman who actually did exactly that…

There was so much attention about her post that she made on Facebook that the dog was rescued from her, everybody who saw the post wanted to help!

The woman’s name is Cherica Winston, and she published what could be described as a rant on Facebook, she said that she was going to taser her dog and shoot her with a BB gun until she’s gone.

She also said that she would gladly give the puppy to anyone for a quick $50, the woman was posting under the name Juju LaRay.

We are very thankful that before the dog could suffer any serious harm a guy called Travis Smith saw the post and knew straight away that he would have to get involved and help.

This little doggie just needed someone like this to intervene and help save his life, before something happened, the 8-month-old puppy was stuck in a small crate, there was no access to food or water, and she was defecating on herself there was so little space.

Very quickly the Aurora Animal Shelter was called and they took custody of the little puppy. She is no longer in danger and since she is not listed for adoption anymore it looks like she has found a loving home too!

The woman now is now going to face charges of animal cruelty, we hope justice is served very well!

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