Woman Goes To Save Her Dog From An Alligator, It Dragged Her Into The Water

This is a sad story all about a woman that was well-liked, she was walking her dog near the golf course lagoon, only just across the street from her vacation home on Hilton Head Island…

The alligator dragged her into green colored lake water at the private resort on the South Carolina coast, it killed her.

The authorities announced that the 45-year-old woman, called Cassandra Cline, was, at the time desperately trying to protect her beloved border collie.

The guy across the street from where the attack happened rents a house there and said that he heard shrieks during his shower but thought it was birds outside.

Half an hour after this he went outside still unaware of what had transpired to see crowds gathering there, he saw her shoe and hat and dog treats she had been carrying.

They were dropped in a line, she had dropped them as the alligator dragged her to the water like breadcrumbs leading to her watery tomb, so sad…

He said:

“It’s really sad …She didn’t have any children. The dog was her child, I guess.”

He said Cline and her husband divided their time between Hilton Head and their home near Syracuse, New York.

DiMaio said he would see Cline and her dog walking two or three times daily, and the woman often carried a bag of treats she would feed to her pet.

DiMaio said:

“She was a very pleasant woman ..Very friendly.”

David Lucas, a spokesman for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said that the alligator was 8 foot long and for the safety of everyone was later found and killed humanely.

Lucas said:

“She was walking the dog near the lagoon and the alligator came out of the water and tried to get the dog …The lady tried to rescue the dog and a maintenance worker ran over to help.”

They were both desperately trying to save the dog, sadly, the worker said the alligator dragged the woman into the water.

The dog was taken in by a neighbor, who declined to make a comment but did say that the dog was unharmed by the incident.

In that particular location and surrounding the area it’s said that alligators are a pretty common sight, even more so near the water and the golf course…

She gave her life for her dog, she really did love her four-legged friend more than anything else in the world.

Roy Sokotowski said:

“We’re cautious, but not necessarily scared …Everybody knows if you have a small dog, you don’t let them get near the water. I don’t get near the water without looking for their eyeballs.”

It’s common practice to kill an alligator if it kills someone or its reported to have aggressive behavior, for the safety of others too, but authorities will take some time to determine if they got the right alligator.

Lucas said that alligator attacks on humans are really pretty rare indeed, but of course, we all know it can happen, so beware!

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