Woman tearfully reunites with her lost dog after he was found injured on the streets!

Someone found a lost dog roaming in their yard, running loose, who had either gotten hit by a car, bitten by another dog, or injured in some other way.

Thankfully, Animal Control was able to track down the owners. They verified that this lost dog, named Baby, comes from a good home. He just happened to escape and run away and the owners couldn’t find him anywhere.

The vets who had been taking care of him in the meantime, did bloodwork on him and discovered that his white blood cell count was elevated.

They also saw that he had some skin issues, which it looked like he had for a while.

Vets told Baby’s owner that they would help them with Baby’s issues as much as they could.

lost dog

A lost dog Baby and his owner finally got to reunite, and it was such a heartwarming moment. Seeing Baby again brought tears to her eyes.

She was worried sick about him and was so relieved to have her furry best friend back.

lost dog

The vet believed that Baby was so thin and that he had all of those skin issues because he had food allergies. And the allergies were not under control.

They sent the owner home with antibiotics to give him and will keep an eye on him. So, that they can get him all better!

Some owners search for days, weeks, months and even years for their lost pets. Luckily  lost dog Baby was only lost for one day!