Homeless Woman Walks All Night To Save A Poor Abandoned Dog!

After falling on hard times, a California resident named Lisa Snyder was forced to live out of her broken-down van with her three cats.

Together, they had barely enough to get by — but that didn’t matter when Lisa came across a dog in desperate need of help.

The poor mail pointer mix had been left tied to a pole by his owner with a note around his neck that read, “I am looking for a home. Please take care of me!!”

While most people passed by the scared and shaken dog. Snyder knew she had to do something, but it was late at night and neither the local shelter nor the police could pick up the dog.

That’s when she went above and beyond the call of duty. After all, it’s often the people who have the least who end up giving the most.

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Despite her painful medical issues, Lisa trekked all throughout the night. Without a jacket or her cane, just to save her new pal Joey.

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