Woman Loses Her Lovely Pup When She Was A Child, After 8 Years She Saw An Adoption Ad!

Giving up a dog to a rescue center is hard, we don’t usually expect to see them ever again, but fate has a funny way of doing the most amazing things sometimes, this is one of those times…

A woman from West Brownsville, Pa, lost her beloved dog when she was a child, she never thought she would see her again.

Chloe, the dog, is a Pomeranian-Poodle mix and very easy to be with, such a kind dog. Nicole Grimes was ten years old when she first got her!

Nicole said: “When I was a little girl, I wanted a puppy, and I’d talk to my Nana about it”

Well Nana’s are awesome and her Nana was no exception, she took on board what she said and…

Nicole described what happened:

“My mom picked me from school, and my Nana was there and sitting on her lap was this beautiful puppy with a pink bow in her hair!”

Nicole loved Chloe but after four years…

She describes again:

“My dad had gotten a job, and it was work from home. And when she was very young, she was like loud and everything.”

They took Chloe to the Washington County Humane Society, and hoped that she would be adopted into a loving home and be happy there!

beloved dog

Eight years on… Nicole said:

“A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends made a posting that she needed to re-home an elderly dog, and I look at the picture and think, hmmmm…, that looks kind of familiar. And then I read the name Chloe and was like that’s really odd.”

She loved the dog and having made the decision to get a dog she went for it, she felt a real sense of familiarity and maybe even deep down already began to suspect her feelings about the beloved dog!

Nicole Said: – “She just clicked with us right away …I don’t know! She came right to me.”

Mark Bush her father saw something as well!

He said: – “And then she started doing the front paws… I said I got to tell you the truth, I really think that’s her.”

In a twist of fate, she has the dog back and in a very surprising way that she had to part with all those years ago!

They thought that it was impossible, right? They took her to have her microchip scanned to really confirm or deny it…

Nicole said: – “And it was an exact match …This is my dog from when I was a little girl. It’s just the craziest thing.”

Nicole was so happy so could hardly contain herself, she is convinced that there is a higher power at work!

She said: – “We think it’s a sign from my Nana. She passed three years ago, and we really think this is a sign from her.”

Nicola says that she had two different owners in the time that they were apart, she is just so happy to get her back!

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