Mean and heartless woman accused of killing son’s Yorkie in tumble dryer

In southern Austria, authorities are investigating the murder of a teenager’s beloved Yorkshire terrier allegedly tossed into a tumble dryer and roasted alive by his mother.

According to the Journal, Silvia Schmidt, 49, originally claimed the Yorkie named Gizmo had been left dead in a plant pot next to her front door when she returned home late last week.

In addition, she stated she found a note attached to the still warm corpse of her 15-year-old son’s beloved dog:

“Still warm and tumble dry!”

After a thorough investigation however, police stated Schmidt admitted to have accidentally killing the dog.


In a report from the Express, she stated she had not noticed the Yorkie sleeping in the laundry basket of wet blankets when she dumped everything into the dryer.

She then set the heartbreaking display of Gizmo’s dead body on the front porch to blame her neighbors; all of whom she had arguing.

“She wanted to blame her neighbor in order not to have to confess to her son what had really happened;” police said in a statement, adding that she now faces charges.

She now faces lying to the police and animal cruelty. It is still not known if the dog’s death was an intentional act or an accident.

Rest in peace Gizmo. You must have suffered so much and had to have been so frightened. We are sorry a human let you down.