Woman Finally Adopts A Dog Nine Years After She Found Her Chained !!

Adopt Dog Story: When Jessica Cochran of the Community Animal Project found Edith the dog nine years ago, Edith was chained up to a barrel in a dirt patch. Over the years, Jessica would return to visit Edith, and worked with PETA to give her a doghouse, treats, fresh food, water, and toys to make her neglectful surroundings more comfortable.

Perhaps even more importantly, Jessica and other animal rights activists gave her affection, including plenty of belly rubs!

In 2014, Edith was moved, and Jessica had no idea where to. She was worried, and she missed her canine friend. Fortunately, PETA located Edith two years later. Edith immediately recognized Jessica, and even flopped over for one of her famed belly rubs.

After years of neglect, in 2016, Edith’s owners gave Edith to PETA because they were moving. Seizing the opportunity to keep this dog that she connected with, Jessica adopted her. Dog rescues like this are so important, because older dogs often have a harder time of getting adopted.

Edith had a seamless transition, and felt right at home with Jessica right away — probably because Jessica had given her more love than her actual owners. She is a loving and goofy dog, and is excited to meet people and play with other dogs.

We’re so happy that Edith now has a loving forever home.

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