Woman fights back when confronted about leaving her dog outside in the heat!

As the swelter of summer sets in, warnings circulate the internet to help dog parents protect their dogs from heat-related hazards like burned paws, dehydration, and heat stroke. But some people remain unconcerned.

In Cleveland, Tennessee, a concerned citizen posted a picture of a Pit Bull. He was locked in a crate that was sitting on the baking concrete in the southern sun.

The photo was shared all over Facebook, capturing the attention of Knoxville group Fighting For The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue.

The rescue approached the owner, offering to take the Pit Bull into their care. But the owner vehemently refused.

“She’s not beaten. She’s not starved. None of that. So, I can’t leave her in the cage outside when I leave,” said the enraged owner in a WTVC news story. “No, you’re not gonna take my [expletive] dog. I’ve paid 500 dollars for my dog.”


While neighbors claim that the Pit Bull is left outside in the baking sun every day, at the moment, it has been deemed that the dog is living in safe conditions.

“Sheriff’s deputies said they found the dog with adequate food water. They shelter on at least 4 visits to the home,” reports WRCB TV. “The Sheriff’s office will investigate calls or complaints of animal abuse, but they cannot remove an animal if there are no violations. “


But according to the bully rescue, this fight is far from over. Posted advocate Carla Patton Welch on the group’s Facebook page:

“We will not stop until this poor dog is safe. I will announce the court date for any concerned citizens that would like to attend.

I find it despicable that the Bradly County Sheriff’s Dept. (whom we met with before going to the residence of the dog) finds the crate the dog is in with the same sized crate on top of it to be ‘adequate shelter’ for this Pit bull.”

It’s a little surprising that this Tennessee dog owner has yet to be given a consequence.

Considering this state has been the first to establish an animal abuser registry as well as pass a law that allows concerned citizens to break into hot cars to rescue dogs from danger.

What do you think: should this Pit Bull be taken away from her owner?


What do you think ?