Woman Makes Disturbing Discovery On Way Home After Buying Dog – Calls Police!

One of the most wonderful things to do, if you can give a doggie, or a pup in need, a loving home, especially at Christmas time, well Kelly Benzel was looking to do just that. She found a pit bull mix for sale, called Rocco, on Facebook, the previous owners had only had him a few short months, not much at all really…

She really fell in love with Rocco and bought him for her and her family, she felt that he really was the right dog for them and she couldn’t bear to not get him and take him home.

And she was on her way home when she noticed something very disturbing… Rocco was emanating a smell and it was getting stronger and stronger until she couldn’t bear it anymore!

She took off Rocco’s harness to see a huge gash underneath and knew straight away that it was infected and very smelly too! The cut was around 6 inches long and 1.5 inches deep. She felt a red mist of rage come over her, but she knew she had to do something and took Rocco straight to the vets!

The vet then put some bandages on his wounds and some medication to encourage it to heal, then sent him home with his new loving home! It was clear to the vets that the harness had been on him since he was younger, so much so that it was becoming embedded in his skin!


As soon as Kelly got home she called the person who sold her the dog, he tried to offer her money and said that the previous owner offered to pay the vets bill, but Kelly called the local police anyway, good for her, well done Kelly!

Rocco’s previous owner said that they didn’t know about his injury at harness because, they claimed, that he would run away and they couldn’t catch him unless his harness was on!

Both the seller and the previous owner were charged and told to appear in court to decide what was going to happen to them during their trial. They were charged with mistreatment of animals and were all given a $1,500 bond.

Being charged like this with mistreatment you can get a maximum sentence up to 3 1/12 years in prison. Rocco got the justice that he rightly should have, for all his suffering, that could have easily been avoided!

Rocco is now living a happy and healthy life with his lovely new family who dearly loves and cares for him.

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