Woman And Children Witness A Guy Running Over To Stab Their Family Dog

The shock and horror of seeing a dog hit by a vehicle is really a shock to anyone, but then to see the driver get out of the vehicle and do something even more horrid, it’s really unthinkable, but it happened…

This woman tells the story about how she watches, stunned as the driver that hit the dog with his pickup truck proceeded to take a knife and stab the dog to death, completely evil man!

Her name is Kirstyn Barlow and one Thursday afternoon she was with her very much loved chihuahua called “Poochies”.

They were all going to a playdate, there were her four children and two dogs, it was at that moment that her dog recklessly ran into the street, poor doggie!

Kirstyn said that she saw a pickup truck hit the dog’s back legs and that the driver was caught on her home security system camera.

He stopped a few houses down and looked like he was going to pick up the dog, but instead of helping out, both her and her children said they were completely stunned when he pulled out a knife and then stabbed Poochies through in the neck.

Kirstyn said:

“After he did what he did to Poochies, I had to rush (my kids) inside because I can’t believe that he did that”

“He brought her down and dropped her down in front of the kids like it was nothing like he didn’t care. He just wrapped her in a tarp on the side of my house, like an old paint tarp that was moldy. He was like, ‘She’s gone. There was nothing I could have done. I had to put her out of her misery.'”

Kirstyn is really not convinced that her doggie could not have been saved, we agree only a qualified vet could really say something like that!

Either way he never even gave her the chance to try, if only she could have rushed him ot the vet, they may have been able to save her.

The family then buried their doggie on Thursday night, but the police asked them to exhume the body so that it can be examined by animal control officers on Friday to ascertain the nature of Poochies’ injuries.

The police said that they have:

“…identified the individual involved in the animal cruelty investigation”

…but did not announce an arrest as yet?!

Kirstyn said that she does not expect anything from the driver, but that she wants him to realize that stabbing her dog was not his call to make!

She is definitely more forgiving than we would be, don’t you agree too, how would you react?

Watch the full story below:

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