Watch This Touching Rescue Of A Drowning Puppy Stuck In A Sewer Hole !!!

Drowning Puppy Story: Raj heard strange noises coming from a hole in the ground. They were audible moans and groans from beneath the surface. When he first looked into the hole, all he saw was darkness in what turned out to be the sewage drain.

Then he noticed two eyes peering back at him in the pitch black. It was a drowning puppy. The groans were so distressed, they were hardly recognizable. It was now or never.

The three rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited came up with a plan on the spot. They lowered one of the men into the hole, holding him by nothing but his two legs. He could barely fit into the sewage drain, but somehow managed the tight squeeze. They were able to pull out the puppy, who very well would have been a goner without them. The rescue mission was not only a success, but the start of the dog’s transformation.

The set of sad eyes were night and day within just 48 hours. Although the puppy was still scared of humans, he was much happier. Raj spent day after acclimating the little guy. He would get down on the floor and feed him by hand to get him used to touch. He would lay with the pooch on the floor. Finally, the puppy felt safe in his new environment.

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