Watch Out Dog Owners Don’t Let Your Dog Try To Make Friends With This Animal

There are indeed many dangers around us that we make sure our dogs avoid, but some dangers are seemingly easier to avoid than others. Peggy Gamblin came across something that really was scary.

One night, her two lovely dogs, Bullwinkle and Bentley Nicole, were just wandering around her property in Brown County, Texas, then they encountered a porcupine…

Peggy found her dog’s lovely dogs shriveled up in pain that morning, it was no contest at all, the porcupine won through and through…

Just one porcupine has over 30,000 quills, its a real fierce enemy when encountered, Peggy’s dogs found out that the hard way.

She rushed her dogs to the vet, it took an hour and a half to remove all the quills, they are now recovering, but it was a very unpleasant encounter.

Peggy said:

“It was very scary and we are still going to the vet once a week because he got a staph infection …He is doing better.”

Peggy later discovered that it’s not that uncommon for dogs to have encounters with porcupines, even more so in the summer.

Running into the wrong animal at dusk or dawn, when porcupines are most active, can result in a painful and hard lesson to learn.

The vet Gorman said:

“Dogs who are curious about other animals or protective of their people or territory are most likely to get quilled”

The porcupine is a pretty passive when it comes to defending itself and covered in soft hair, their quills are mainly on their backsides where they lie flat, but the spikes can rise quickly to attention, in split seconds.

If you find quills poking out your dog’s muzzle, it’s best to find a vet pretty quick, it may be tempting to attempt to remove them yourself but that would be a really bad idea.

Gorman explains:

“Quills have tiny barbs at the end, like a fishhook, which makes them difficult to remove and actually causes the quill to keep moving deeper into the dog’s skin tissue or muscle”

“Trying to remove the quills without medical expertise, sedation and pain relief medication can be very painful for your dog and potentially result in an infection or abscess, as quills carry bacteria.”

Minimize your dog’s movement and don’t let them touch the quills, get straight to the vet for painkillers and they will anesthetize them to remove the quills.

Gorman says:

“Since quills carry bacteria, infection and abscesses are a serious risk …Quills can also get stuck in various dangerous locations around the body, including the pet’s eyes, joints or organs.”

“Depending on the nature of the injury, it can result in serious complications, which is why it’s important to have your dog treated as soon as possible.”

But once your dog is quill free they can recover pretty quickly from the terrible and painful ordeal!

Gorman warns:

“It’s important to monitor your pet for behavior changes or discomfort several days after treatment, just in case any of the areas become infected or any quills remain stuck under the skin”

To keep your pets super safe this summertime, and make sure your dogs stay on their leash during walks during the evening.

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