Watch As Mothers Instinct Prevails As She Leads Rescuers To Her Puppies.

A mothers instincts is an awesome and amazing thing for sure, they are both tuned and amazing in action, that is just what we will see in this story as we see a mother desperate search for her pups, she searches like it’s her one and only mission in life!

This pit bull really does get a second chance at life, but she is not the only one as paroled felons work with these dogs, the one that wants to rehabilitate their own lives too.

Marcel and Mariah are working with a rescued pit bull who had given birth recently, they will rely on her instincts to help her…

They found the dog but after she had been picked up they realized that she had only recently given birth and that they really needed to go back to find her babies too.

Their best bet for finding her babies was to let her do what came most natural to her and encourage her to look for them, which she was very keen to do.

They went back to here they found her and asked anyone they saw about the dog, to try to get any clues about where they might look for her babies.

The dog quite quickly found a path she wanted to follow and she led Marcel and Mariah on a frantic search for her pups.

She made her way through the back yards and seemed to know where she wanted to look, then she arrived at a house where she left her pups, they were snuggled and hidden away under the house.

Watch her search for her puppies and how she finds them below in the video:

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