Watch These Firefighters Heroically Rescue Dog From Burning Home!

Today, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Captain America: Civil War trailer hit the web. Every second of footage was a heart stopping fiasco. Booms, bangs, whacks and things of that nature were a plenty.

I have no doubt, that next year, come May, thrills, spills and chills will have us glued to the cinema’s seat; every second, at the edge of our chair… But, let’s be honest, James Bond has a movie deal so we know he’s going to survive past the credits.

The same can’t be said for this dog. Unfortunately, for him, a franchise hasn’t spoiled his chances for survival.

Every second that poor pooch struggles for his life is a second your heartstrings are pulled to the extreme. Thank God, the firefighters are there for the poor pooch.

Go to the video below to see the heart-stopping rescue. Dogs are getting equal treatment as humans do in this situation with firefighters laying their life to save the four-legged baby. So nice.

Firefighters, those fine heroic lads, move with the dexterity of true-blue superheroes. Safeguarding this puppy against the flames as if he were Obama.

They risk their limbs’ their flesh and sanity, just for the sake of this dog. And, asthe clock winds down, you’re left with a tremendous wealth of gratitude towards their efforts.

Thanks, guys! You do America proud.