Warning To Dog Owners, Killer Ice Is Dangerous – Avoid At All Costs

How far does the love go for the doggies that we have by our sides? Well, I must say it’s always a lot further than we imagine it does, this is a resounding example of that love we have for them…

The tactical team worked furiously to rescue a guy, he was 20-years-old and fell through the ice of the pond that day next to his apartment complex, while he was trying to rescue his dog in distress.

Sadly the guy has been pronounced dead in the St. Vincent’s Hospital, what an incredible shame he lost his life in an avoidable situation.

He, of course, as we all tends to do, he acted on his strong feelings to save his four-pawed pal that day and suffered the fate of his decision.

Two Indianapolis Fire Department divers searched for and found the man and took him to shore about within about 20 minutes.

About 250 miles in a northerly direction in Wyoming, Michigan, Tracy Cashman, 38, sadly drowned too after also falling through the ice at a pond.

She was walking her dog through the Battjes Park, the investigators also think that she too was trying to rescue her dog who was walking on thin ice quite literally.

Cashman’s mother, Rhonda Moore, said:

“If the dog was struggling, she would save that dog …Whether it was her dog, somebody else’s dog, a child — it would be instinct. She would just do it.”

Her golden doodle also came home without her having also survived the ordeal, the family knew straight away that there was a problem when he came home on his own.

She left a husband and three children according to officials at the Godfrey-Lee Public Schools in Wyoming, Michigan, where she worked.

She too fell through the thin ice trying to rescue her dog, who in the eld survived her in the accident, this really is a common theme and not just isolated.

If you are ever in a position like this please do have in the forefront of your mind that your dog is most likely going to get out of the water by himself and be relatively unharmed, don(t try to rescue them, it could be the last thing you ever do.

A resident of the Indianapolis apartment complex was leaving in his vehicle when he saw the dog on the thin ice and also saw the owner trying to rescue it.

The witness then left his car came to the pond, he got into the pond, according to Indianapolis firefighters, he fell through the ice but was able to t get out again thankfully.

People apparently tried to help the guy who in the end died, they tried to rescue him but were unsuccessful.

Even though the divers located him about 30 feet from the shore in 15 feet of water, it was not good, he was in a critical condition and died at the hospital.

If you face circumstances like this please resist taking action and keep yourself safe, your dog is much more capable of rescuing himself than you are.

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