Warning To All Dog Owners, Silent And Deadly Killer, It Could Happen To Anyone!

We really do love our dogs, and our dogs love us equally as much back, they often express many of their feelings when they lick us, most of us dog owners are completely used to this, but…

There are some surprisingly sinister dangers to be aware of when any dog licks us, Greg Manteufel sadly found this out the hard way.

Greg Manteufel is 48-years-old and a house painter, when started to feel really sick his family thought that initially thought he had the flu.

Greg was a real dog lover and been around dogs all his life after he started to be ill his family noticed that he was bruised all over.

His family said: – “He was bruised all over like he had been beaten up with a baseball bat”

Whilst this is not a common occurrence, the doctors say that it still really can happen, Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner explains that the bacteria that caused this is commonly found in healthy dogs.

Gavin went on to say that when people are treated for dog bites and they get infected from the bite, it’s the same bacteria that causes that infection that seriously affected Greg and caused him to need a double leg and arm amputation.

Doctors think that he must have had a wound on his leg and as his dog licked him the bacteria somehow penetrated that wound and got into him bloodstream causing sepsis.

Gavin said that they are aware of cases like this happening, this is not the first and quite likely not the last case that will be encountered.

The general advice to be aware of is that while this is a quite rare thing, it can happen to any of us, so don’t let your dog lick any part of you where there is an open wound!

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