Dog Euthanized After New Dangerous “Trend” Using Chemicals – Warning

We have heard of many different situations involving doggies but this one is a scary new trend that really is despicable…

One widow and her Yorkshire Terrier were subjected to this awful situation when the dog was attacked with a chemical whilst in the garden.

At 63-years-old, Jean Hooley said that her rescue dog Daisy was her reason to live, her purpose in life after her hubby dies around 5 years ago.

Sadly though the little dog was attacked with a chemical very similar to drain cleaner, it happened in the UK in Cheadle Heath, Stockport.

This poor doggie was found to have awful burns to her face and eyes, she must have been in such pain and so scared.

They took her to the vets to get her some treatment and try to save her, but is was too late, she had to be put sleep…

Jean said:

“I still can’t believe what has happened. It seems like someone has thrown a chemical over the gate to hurt her and it has caused such terrible injuries she had to be put to sleep.”

“She was such a sweet dog and didn’t have a bite in her. She trusted everyone”

“She was a great comfort to me when my husband died, she gave me a reason to get on with my life and was given to me on what would have been our wedding anniversary”

“It seems that she was held by the collar as I found a tag had broken. It appears to have been some caustic substance like drain-cleaner that caused these horrific injuries, but there was no smell on her”

The association, called the RSPCA, for the protection of dogs, has made an appeal to the public for information about the attack, they want to find who did it, and bring them to justice.

Jean, at the time, had left Daisy with a friend of the family, while she was at a baby shower, she certainly never dreamed of something like this happening.

When she came back to find Daisy lying in a terrible state in the living room, injured it was a real shock to her, we completely understand.

The RSPCA reported that her friend was upstairs and had left the door open to get to the back garden, so was not aware of what happened to Daisy.

Heather Morris, an RSPCA Investigator, said:

“Poor Daisy must have suffered terribly, her injuries were appalling and we are still uncertain as to what chemical caused this.”

“I just can’t begin to think what she has gone through and it is awful for her family who adored her.”

We hope that anyone that has any information about this, please come forward, anything you can do to spread the word may well help find justice for this poor dog that was viciously attacked for the pleasure of some sick individual(s).

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