Warning to All Dog Owners: This Ordinary Household Item Can Be Lethal To Dogs

We are so careful about our beloved dogs, to care for them, keep them safe and make sure their environment is safe too, but this surprising killer many don’t know about…

This four-year-old dog has died because of this ordinary household item, his owner was out for a short time, just one hour, that’s all it took.

Pam Plummer was completely destroyed when she found her beloved Hector dead at her home in Gamston, Nottinghamshire.

She said that she found her beagle basset cross with his head in the lunch bag after he mysteriously managed to get upstairs.

She said:

“It was a surreal and horrible death”

Mrs. Plummer works as a part-time replacement teacher at a special needs school and is so diligent to look after her dog.

She went on to say:

“We’re heartbroken …I feel like I’ve aged 200 years.”

The grandmother of three really wants to spread the news about this, even to get the product itself to get changed to have air holes to make it safer, and have a warning about pets and children.

She said:

“I feel I have let him down but we’re so careful. There needs to be more warning on the product”

“He was such a gorgeous, lovely dog and did so much therapeutic good to people. I hope Hector’s legacy could prevent a dreadful incident like this occurring again.”

“There are lessons to be learned from this”

Mrs. Plummer emphasized that she and her husband are super careful about the things they leave around because of her dog and the grandchildren, she feels awful.

Mrs. Plummer was so upset about her doggie Hector’s death she could hardly speak about it, she has such a close and special bond with him.

She said:

“He was my dad’s best mate and we spent a lot of time walking him together”

An RSPCA spokesperson said:

“Bags pose a real risk to animals as they can get stuck inside them and suffocate, as was the case in this instance and it must have been very distressing for the dog’s owners.”

“We would always advise keeping plastic bags away from animals in the home.”

“Outside the home, plastic poses a real risk to animals too, and we would always ask the public to dispose of it responsibly, and where possible recycle.”

The moral of the story is never leave plastic or bags where your pets can get to them, it can be fatal… please SHARE with everyone you know and help raise awareness and save pets lives!

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