Contagious Disease Appears That Can Be Fatal In 72 Hours – Warning All Dog Owners

We have heard about other diseases before, and even deadly fungus which grows by the water, but this is nothing at all like Alabama Rot, or the things we mentioned already, this could be much worse…

This virus, called the Parvovirus is highly contagious and very easily be fatal to your beloved four-pawed friend!

This awful disease works on a deep level and attacks the intestine on a cellular level, it stops it from absorbing life-essential nutrients, it’s devastating.

The dog very quickly starts to be quite weak and dehydrated, it’s awful to see and even worse for the dog to feel.

Veterinary practices are warning dog owners to ensure their dog’s vaccinations are all up to date, we are so careful with our own dogs in this respect.

Kathryn Wale, from White Cross Vets in Bloxwich, said:

“There were several cases in July and August when the prolonged hot weather helped spread the virus, which mainly exists within the dog poo of infected dogs and is normally washed away into the earth when it rains, causing no harm.”

“Without rain, the virus remains on the ground and is more likely to infect other dogs, especially because it can survive outside the body for many months.”

Even with the wetter weather, there are still many increasing cases being reported of this killer virus…

Virbac, an animal pharmaceutical company have a UK-wide interactive Parvo-Alert system and this shows a serious trend we are seeing the world over, an increase of this terrible threat.

Kathryn also added:

“We, like many other local vets have treated several cases in the last few weeks and want to warn dog owners to vigilant for the symptoms as it can take up to a fortnight for dogs to display them after being exposed to the virus.”

“All dog owners in the area, therefore, need to be aware of this outbreak, which is one of the most contagious and dangerous diseases that dogs face, and can often kill within a few days.”

“It attacks the intestine and white blood cells, and when young dogs are infected, the virus can damage the heart muscles and cause lifelong cardiac problems.”

Peak times in the year are of course a factor but something like this is a real worry any time of the year, symptoms include; diarrhea, loss of appetite, severe vomiting, possibly sudden weight loss, dehydration, bloody feces, lethargic and a high temperature.

Kathryn also said:

“Dog owners really need to make sure that they are up to date with vaccines and puppies must receive their core vaccines.”

“If dogs show any of these symptoms, even if they are vaccinated, their owners must call their vets immediately.”

“Owners in the Walsall area, in particular, should also get their dogs specifically vaccinated against Parvovirus, as the disease is highly resistant.”

The best and safest way to protect your dog is by vaccinations and then making sure that those vaccinations are up to date!

Kathryn commented lastly:

“Most of the cases that we’ve seen in this latest outbreak have been dogs that have fallen behind with their annual injections or puppies that haven’t been properly vaccinated.”

If you are not already aware of this then go to your vet, but either way spread the word, we want everyone to know!

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