Wanna be Lion – Awesome Prank!

Wanna be Lion – Awesome Dog Prank!

Awesome dog prank video! Enjoy some laughs as we scare innocent people, children and families with a giant live animal Lion attack.

See how convincing a “Lion Mane for dogs” can be or maybe you should learn “How to give your dog a Lion Haircut”

Roaring into our hearts is an uproarious prank, featuring actor Geoff Ward, pretending to be a zookeeper, and his yellow Labrador named Duke, wearing a convincingly life-like lion’s mane.

You’ll crack up seeing groups of people freak the f-ck out when they think an actual lion, “training for the circus,” is on-the-loose IRL.

When Geoff gets “busted” for pranking people with his lovably energetic “lion,” you’ll wonder whom the joke is really on. We hope you enjoyed watching this video. Share it with your friends – give them a great laugh! 🙂


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