Video Released By Sheriff, Say Justified In Shooting Dog!

When and when not to take action in serious situations involving animals is a constant source of animosity, but there are good and bad ways of handling these types of situations. This particular time we look at really caused a public stir!

Over the weekend Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove released surveillance video of a situation just like this, it was fatal dog shooting.

It involved one of his officers, who was in the video, and it appears that his Officer, so it was said, ‘may’ have been bitten prior to it being shot!

There was a real public concern and everyone was very keen to see what was going to be done as a result of what happened.

The Officer, Deputy Darrel Hooper, was serving a subpoena to Lori Pardue and her fiance Travis Binkle last week, but as the Deputy exited his vehicle the dog ‘Sadie’ walks across to the front porch, tail wagging.

Just seconds later it seems that she lunges at the deputy who was almost against the door of his patrol car, now what Sadie was going to do was anyone’s guess, maybe she was scared of him more than he was of her, but she certainly didn’t look like an attack dog to us…

Sadly Deputy Hooper shot the dog before that stage, she drew back and later died, the poor girl…

Sheriff Breedlove said:

“This dog was vicious, she was trying to bite the deputy. We aren’t out there to hurt anyone, especially someone’s pet… but there was no time to diffuse the situation. By our standard he did, unfortunately, everything he had to do”

The News interviewed the owners of Sadie and they said that their dog was needlessly shot by Deputy Hooper, they questioned his judgment, he could, after all, have used a non-lethal taser!

Sheriff Hooper went on to say:

“There were two attempts for the dog to bite him. This deputy loves animals. It was the first time he had to draw his weapon”

They showed the surveillance video to the TBI and it’s being turned over to the District Attorney too, and Sheriff Breedlove said that given the evidence, there will be no need to reprimand the officer involved at all.

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