Video Proof: Saved From A Huge Python – Man Really Is A Dog’s Best Friend

Not only is a dog a humans best friend, or like the saying “man’s best friend”, but man is definitely a dog’s best friend too, we have seen the proof, see for yourself…

This incident was a pretty harrowing experience, to say the least, it happened in Thailand and really does show that us humans are best friends with our dogs.

When our fear can be overcome and we can risk our lives for our fellow dog that it demonstrates without a doubt that what we just said, is truer than ever!

The whole thing was captured on video, and it all starts when we see a distressed dog, tail wagging as he realizes help has come, but a giant python is trying to crush him and eat him.

This poor dog really doesn’t know what to do to escape, you can see his tail wagging in the video as the men approach to help him out.

The dog’s whole body is encased in the snake’s coils and he is a big snake too, who would be brave enough to take on this huge snake to save this dog?

The men poke the snake with sticks and try to free the dog, they try to distract the snake and pull him off the dog but has a firm hold.

When the dogs tail stops wagging and he grows desperate for help and the snake crushes him, then the men’s actions must be swift and they dive in to get the job done…

The men use broomsticks to try to pry the snake off of him, but again the snake has such a tight grip!

After a lot of struggling they start to get the snake to slowly release his coils a little and to grab him by the tail…

The brave guys slowly unravel the snake from the dog, but he really doesn’t seem very happy about it and tries to recapture him.

Like a terrible tug of war, they tussle to get the dog, the men to free him and the snake to keep him and eat him, the dog is in such shock at this stage.

Even though the dog looks like he has really had it, he suddenly springs to life and makes a run for it, but the snake captures him again…

What do you think ?