Video Leaked From Day Care Center – Family Outraged, Took Action To Protect Other Puppies!

There are times in all dog’s lives when discipline in the right way is needed, but some people really don’t really seem to be aware of what the right way is. This video, in Tallmadge Ohio, is from the Dog Daycare called ‘Tails R Waggin’ where we see what the owner’s idea of this is…

The video shows the owner of the Doggie Daycare kicking and dragging the dog while the owners were on a trip in another country, the video going viral on Facebook…

Christie made the video and shared the video on her Facebook Page, she had almost a million views in just a few days!

The dog owners Cuyahoga Falls and Mike LaSalvia saw the video while they were abroad, they straight away came back to Northeast Ohio. The family says that the pit bull is 18 months old, playful and energetic pit bull called Leo and in his six previous visits to the daycare caused no problems at all!

Jessica Christie, LaSalvia’s niece said:“He’s like the most playful, loving, little puppy and you can tell in the video he’s wagging his tail and happy and you can tell he’s trying to be playful. I don’t know; it made me mad”

animal abuse

The woman you see in the video, called Amy Beach is the owner of the franchise, a few days ago she gave a statement to the media to apologize and explain….

She said:

“The video clip now circulating on the Internet of an incident that occurred in our Tallmadge location shows me handling a dog roughly.”

“I agree that the video itself, viewed without context, is very disturbing. I want my fellow dog-lovers to know the rest of the story directly from me.”

“At the beginning of the video, as I let the pit bull out into the common area, it immediately approached another dog’s back. The pit bull’s hair was standing up and he was low-growling – three very distinct signs of an impending attack.”

“It was at that very moment that I made a split-second decision to subdue the pit bull for the protection of myself and the two dogs. In the emotion of the moment, I was scared and reacted instinctively.”

“I have worked with dogs for 9 years and I have seen the horrific damage a dog-on-dog attack can cause, and I moved quickly to shut-down that possibility.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for the heartache this has caused the pit bull’s owner and family, as well as our clients …I just feel awful about what happened.”

Leo’s family is taking measures to protect their dogs and meanwhile, the Law Enforcement investigates what happened and if charges should be brought. The owners want to create a law to protect doggies, they will call it “Little Leo’s Law”.

Annette LaSalvia Katz, LaSalvia’s sister, said:

“We feel that there should be cameras in every single room where your dog is going to be even where they sleep”

Currently, there is no statewide law or regulation that covers dog daycares.

Christie said:

“She had kicked him into another private room that had no cameras in it and we don’t know what happened and that’s the most disturbing thing, we don’t know what happened”

The family has since started up a petition, they will take it to animal rights and lawmakers, amazingly they have over 15,000 signatories. They warn all dog owners to be careful where they leave their pets and with whom!

LaSalvia Katz said:

“Ask questions when you take your dog to a daycare center. Ask the questions so that you feel comfortable”

Lets SHARE and shame another terrible thing and also let it serve as a cautionary note to others!

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