Caught on Video: Family Trying To Save Their Dog From A Mountain Lion!

We all are pretty happy to go to extreme measures, as dog owners, to look after and even save our beloved doggie, but this family really did go to extreme measures…

The family, Living in Colorado really enameled themselves into action in split seconds when they discovered that their dog was in distress, in grave danger from a Mountain Lion!

Now I know your thinking, if you’re like me, really would any sane person run anywhere near the path of the Lion, but when that adrenaline is pumping and your dog is on need, rational thinking goes right out of the window!!

The News reported that Maeby, the still quite young, three years old to be precise, Labrador/Boxer mix breed doggie came back to his owners with puncture wounds…

The video, actually a surveillance video, shows that the dig runs outside then he is followed by three members of the family, to save their dog!

family dog

The dog’s owner, called Charlie Allen, took his family dog, rescuing him, back into the house and flicked a flashlight toward the Lion to scare and startle it away, something I will remember if I ever face a mountain Lion, which I hope I never do, ever!

The Mountain Lion is seen stalking the house and later in the video makes his exit, scary moments for sure!

Meaby was taken to the vet just to make sure he would be ok, and to see if he needed any kind of treatment, but thankfully he was ok and would heal up naturally.

Allen said:

“We’re very thankful, she put up a good fight …A 35 second round with a mountain lion, to come out the way she did, like I say, we’re really thankful.”

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