Video – Dog Spaced Out After Consuming Cannabis

We all see drugs around us, and cannabis in some places is now legal for medical and even recreational purposes, it has a place in some societies, but the street version of it, that is different again.

For animals it is certainly not something we want them to go through, what a dreadful experience for them to eat something with cannabis in, but that’s just what happened here, but how?

This poor dog was a really in a worse way, and super spaced out after he ate a joint during his daily walk outside, this pup is a Weimaraner, one-year-old, and called Gunnar.

He was caught on camera literally propping himself up after ingesting the cannabis joint, his owner claims this is what happened and that it left him “stoned”, poor boy he must have felt so spaced out!

This rather large doggie seemed quite unable to hold himself up in the vets waiting rooms and owner Chloe O’Neill, from Glasgow, in the UK uploaded the video to Twitter.

He was really disoriented, in a real mess too, but luckily though, the pup was absolutely fine, who would have believed it, his owner seemed to see the funny side of things.

Chloe said:

“Not every day your dog’s stoned because he ate a joint while out his walk and gets taken to doggy hospital ahahahhah”

In the video you see Chloe holding on to Gunnar’s collar in an attempt to keep the big doggie a little more steady, he was really zoned out!

Another person commented:

“Chloe, I’m howling so much, but that’s a shame”

Another added:

“My blind friend’s guide dog ate a hidden pile of stash in the local park and was wasted for days”

What do you think ?