Video – Dog Reunited With Owner, Dances WIth Joy, Amazing!

One of the most wonderful types of stories we love completely is when we hear about an owner being reunited with her beloved doggie, this is one of those lovely touching moments…

The animal shelter captured the moments when this doggie was reunited with her owner again, how really wonderful the moment is!

The owner, Joyce Adams of Jackson of Mississippi, can be seen dancing excitedly as her lovely doggie Daisy jumped up and kissed her three times.

Joyce then hugged the dog, she was really overjoyed, the excited dog was licking and kissing her face, so excited!

Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter said:“Want to see our favorite kind of fireworks? ..They are called the ‘dog missing for over two weeks reunited with her owner at the City of Jackson Animal Shelter fireworks celebration.'”

The video itself had been watched on Facebook over 66,000 times in total…

Teaching at the Hinds Community College, Joyce said that a friend had given her a Daisy at the time when the now-7-month-old husky mix breed dog was a puppy. Daisy escaped from her yard on June 20 and got lost, Adams told the network.

Adams, who teaches at Hinds Community College, told Mississippi News Now that a friend gave her Daisy when the now-7-month-old husky mix was a puppy.

Daisy had previously escaped from her backyard on June 20 and subsequently got lost, Joyce told the news and media.

Social media channels with equally happy for the dog and Joyce too, what a really wonderful reunion of the two of them.

The Holy Family Catholic Church that Adams attends said:

“Thanks be to God!”

Ginny Parks said:

“This is absolutely priceless and proof that pups are 100% family”

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