Video Of Dog Dragged Over A Mile By A Pickup Truck, Driver Unaware?

It’s easy to make a mistake sometimes, and quite often it’s easy to do things like leaving your shopping bag on your roof as you drive off, but could this really be one of those silly mistakes?

A driver seen in the video, Adam, said that he witnessed the incident and that the diver of the truck seemed completely unaware of the dog he was dragging along the road behind him.

Adam said to the news that the guy was turning left into Comstock Road, then heading east, and that’s when he saw the dog.

The guy, apparently stopped his truck and Adam pointed out the dog to him, he was said to have stood there in a state of panic and shock.

Adam said:

“…that man took care of his animals. He did not know that animal was being dragged behind the truck. He had two other dogs in the truck that was completely healthy, the dog that was dragged was completely healthy.”

He also added that they had stopped for around a minute before the video was started…

The video was posted to Facebook by Jim Horak, it shows disturbing images of what happened that day.

Jim said:

“He took off after it blowing my horn and waving my arms. The guy didn’t stop though …There were other cars that saw the incident but they did nothing so while I was blowing my horn and frantically waving out the window at the guy he didn’t think to stop and see what the issue was”

He said that he was no the only one that witnessed the incident but that he was the only one that tried to stop the guy.

Jim said that the guy really didn’t seem to be that bothered by the incident, there were also two more dogs in the truck too.

The pet’s owners came forward to say:

“…the dog was taken immediately to the vet and was like a child to the family.”

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office said that the dog was a pointer, 2-year-old, called Charlie, and the dog had such severe injuries that they had to put him to sleep

An active investigation is still underway, let’s hope Charlie gets the justice he deserves!

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