Video Of Car Deliberately Running Over Dog Brings Out The Best In A Stranger

When we make a mistake or do something bad then it’s super important to think about how we deal with that situation however awful it is, but some people do more than that, however that though they don’t have to…

This video, as haunting as it is, prompted action from someone concerned about the dog, it haunted them and they had to help, would you have done what they did?

We are wondering about the person driving the car and what happened to them, but we just don’t know what did happen to them, but we know what we think should happen!

It really looks like the dog didn’t have a chance at all after such an impact from a moving car, and that the person who drove the car, was either not bothered about the dog or did it on purpose!

The way they carried on driving and didn’t even try to stop after the obvious impact to their car, even if they hadn’t seen the dong which we don’t believe, it’s completely criminal, that the poor dog.

In the comments the amazing person that was to help notice that the dog may actually still be alive, they felt they had to help.

They even managed to find out how the dog was doing and where he was, they stepped up and took the dog to a vet 1200 miles away from where the terrible incident happened.

They were absolutely determined to save this dog and give him a second chance at life, but the dog was in a very serious condition…

The dog needed 2 surgical operations and sadly had to be confined to a closed kennel while he slowly recovered from his grueling injuries.

The dog’s name is Simba and he is, of course, beautiful and strong and a real survivor, now he now has that chance to be happy again, poor boy…

This person did an amazing job and gave him all the medical care he needed, nursed him back to health and now he is finally in his a forever home.

He has all the love in the word in Germany, he is very happy indeed, watch his video at the end, he is so sweet and such a brave boy!

Do you think as we think about the person that did this to the dog? The sheer months this poor dog had to endure to recover from his near death experience was painstaking, to say the least!

What do you think ?