Vets Perform Surgery On A Sick Pit Bull And Make A Shocking Discovery

Vets Perform Surgery On A Sick Pit Bull And Make A Shocking Discovery. When you adopt a pet, whether it’s fluffy, furry, or even scaly, that pet becomes a member of your family.

You care for him or her just as you would any of your children. You get to know your pet’s quirks, likes, dislikes, and his or her personality. And when that pet falls ill, like this sick pit bull, you would do anything to make the sickness go away.

A 4-month-old pit bull puppy named Thanos was brought to the Cy-Fair Animal Hospital by his family to be checked out by a vet. The family was very concerned for Thanos because he wasn’t acting like himself. After describing his symptoms, the vet made several assumptions about the pup’s health, although he couldn’t be sure of the cause of his illness until he took an X-ray.

But when he saw the X-ray, he was perplexed by what he saw. By now, the problem was clear: the was a blockage in the puppy’s intestines, but he couldn’t tell what was there.

Thanos underwent an easy surgery, and the vet found the culprit, as you’ll see below. The pup chewed through some of it, but it was the rest of the sock that caused his discomfort when it got stuck inside him. The moment he joins his family again after the ordeal is truly heartwarming: they all seem so happy!

Warning: The video contains some footage of the surgery.

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