Veteran created bucket-list for his dying service dog

A Marine veteran has to say goodbye to his service dog - the pair has a long history together.

A service dog, who formerly worked as a bomb-sniffing dog, has been enjoying some special activities with his Marine veteran owner.

The Labrador retriever, named “Cena,” is dying of bone cancer and Corporal Jeff DeYoung wants to make his dog’s last days the best that they can possibly be.

DeYoung and Cena have a long history together – the pair worked side by side in Afghanistan until DeYoung retired in 2013. After Cena completed two additional tours with different handlers, he too was able to retire.

Cena’s emotional reunion with DeYoung at the Detroit Metro Airport was captured on video – suffice to say, the footage inspired tears and smiles.

Cena left behind his bomb-detecting duties and became DeYoung’s service dog. The veteran told Fox 17 News, “I started noticing that going out in public was easier, less anxious, I could do more things when I had him once again by my side.”

As for the bucket-list, DeYoung told the news agency that his primary wish is simple – to enjoy a ride in an open-top Jeep with his canine best friend.

He stated, “I want to go for a ride in a Jeep Wrangler with the top off, surrounded by green trees and my dog by me. Just one last good day.”

Sadly, the incredible bond shared by this duo will soon be severed by Cena’s terminal cancer. According to DeYoung, Cena will be set free from his body on Wednesday evening.

Click here to view the fundraiser established for Cena.

(Screenshot via YouTube and image via GoFundMe)

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