Vet Says Dogs Were Forced To Live On Dirt And Tree Bark.

Not feeding your dogs very well is not nice, not giving them much water is worse, but put your dogs in a position where they eat dirt and tree bark, it criminal!

The police officers arrived and made entry to the backyard of north Columbia home, they saw upon entering there were five pit bulls.

None of the pit bulls had water or food, the police said the dogs were emaciated, they were taken to the vets who examined the dogs to assess their state.

The vet said that it was clear to him that the dogs had been eating dirt and tree bark, and it was the dog’s last-ditch attempt to survive without any food, poor dogs to have to resort to this!

There has been an arrest already, the police arrested a man who they charged in connection with cruelty against the animals.

The man, called Antonio Lorick, has been charged, in total, with five counts of animal cruelty, then wheels of justice have been set in motion.

If was a call from the National Humane Society, a complaint, that prompted the animal control officers in Columbia to take action that leads to the discovery of the pit bulls.

The police department is trying to locate an Antonio Burkett, also in connection with the animal cruelty incident, and say that once found he will also be charged with ill treatment of the dogs.

These cases are sadly something all we animal lovers want to help stop, but that is the hard part, how do we stop them, are our laws harsh enough of a deterrent?

For Joseph Harris too, it seems not, as in a separate incident he also had two pit bulls in some really bad conditions, again in north Columbia!

After a complaint was received the officers found a total of two adult pit bulls that they reported were not properly being cared for!

And by that, not being properly cared for we mean that, according to the police, one of the dogs weighed 20.6 pounds and lived in a wooden crate with hardly any room, no food or water.

The other dog weighed 22.4 pounds and had a logging chain around its neck that must have weighed approximately 15 pounds, crammed in a tiny enclosed space, in a cage, under the house!

Joseph Harris was also charged with two counts of ill treatment of animals.

The dogs will be put for adoption but the question remains, is the law not enough of a deterrent to combat these awful situations, and what can we do about it.

We hope to play our part and raise awareness about what is going on in the world and maybe you can play your part in some way too?

What do you think ?