Heartbreaking update – help came too late for Copper

There is heartbreaking news to share about a neglected, likely abandoned pit bull dubbed “Copper.”

Copper, the abandoned pit bull, was found alongside an abandoned house in Michigan – though he was rushed to a veterinarian for care, help came too late and he did not survive.

The tragic news was released via social media on Friday morning:

Run free Copper. Thank you to the many who prayed, and to those who donated, and to the rescue who had agreed to take him, and especially to the loving staff at Healthy Paws, who worked feverishly to make this cold boy warm, comfortable, and save his life. Sometimes help comes too late.

Run free beautiful boy with copper colored eyes. We loved you, and you mattered.

abandoned pit bull

When animal control first discovered Copper, his mouth was full of dirt, he was so cold that his temperature would not register and he was shaking and non-responsive. Despite his pitiful condition, a spark of light in his eyes prompted his rescuers to work to save his life.

Every effort was made to save this castaway dog’s life – but help came too late.

Run free Copper.

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