Two Unwanted Dogs Refuse To Move, Owners Giggle While They Attempt To Get Them Into A Kill Shelter

Dogs seem to have an uncanny instinct about some things, like for example when something bad is about to happen. These dogs in this story have just that instinct and seem to know when they are about to have something very significant happen to them too.

But when we have a dog, the last thing on our minds is giving them up to a rescue center, but that is not the case for some people, it this is just that case…

These two dogs planted themselves to the ground, they really didn’t want to move, their owners even tried to drag them, but they were really not about to be abandoned if they could help it!

There was a deeply sad moment that the dogs tried to resist outside the Harris County Animal Shelter, even sadder was when their resistance was short as the two women picked them up and carried them inside the shelter, left them to die!

The whole thing was photographed by someone coming to help a friend adopt a dog, Ann Flores, who was completely astonished by what she was seeing and could hardly believe her eyes!


Ann said:

“They were both pulling, but the dogs wouldn’t budge. They had to pick them up because they just would not move. And they would not walk in there.”

“They didn’t care. They were just laughing and giggling because the dogs wouldn’t move. To them, it was just like throwing trash away. There was no remorse, nothing.”

The two pups called Mandi and Truman were just thrown into the shelter, without a single thought for their welfare, they only then had a few precious days to find a hole before the shelter would put them to sleep, they were severely overcrowded!

The two of them were in quite a bad way, they both had heartworms, Mandi was in pain with her awfully sore skin, a severe manage and an infection had taken hold on most of her body, but even more grave was her really bad infection in her eye.


Everyone wanted to save them, animal lovers all around that heard about their story published them on social media, owners were found for them just a few hours before they were due to be put down.

Truman was so incredibly traumatized by the whole affair that he needed to be carried to the car, that’s how really terrified he was, poor doggie!

As Truman was being taken to his new home he started to relax, the rescuer who was driving, Kellie Donoghue was really happy to see his mood change and for him to relax, it’s like he knew something good was happening, in the 30-minute ride to his new hole he really relaxed!

She went on to say:

“In just an hour, we saw a fantastic transformation of a dog who wouldn’t even walk and being flat on the ground and shaking, to feeling safe enough to sleep in the car and get close to me.”


“He’s going to be just a fantastic dog to live with.”

Christina Caballero took in Truman with her other dog and three cats, he is still learning how to feel a little more relaxed in the house, he is getting there slowly.

Mandi is also recovering and was fostered just after her brother by Jackie Duncan, her fur is beginning to grow back and she is feeling better and better with each passing day.

We are so pleased that they have a happy ending and they are both saved from such a terrible fate, please SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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