The Most UnLoved Dog Breeds Left For Months In Shelters, One Really Needs Help!

The rescue association called the RSPCA released the dog breeds that seem to be the most unloved breeds that spent the longest times in shelters waiting to be adopted into loving homes…

One doggie included in the list is a dog called Balla, she has been waiting for many months in a shelter, in fact over a year, to find a loving family!

Most of the dogs that came to shelters got re-homed in about 41 days, on average, with Rottweilers, American Bulldogs, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers wait a bit longer; in fact up to 80% longer!

The cross-breeds like the American Bulldog seems to wait for the longest at around 74 days and American Bulldogs tend to wait about 65 days on average, the same amount of time that the breed Boxer will have to wait too!

The most commonly seen dog at the RSPCA is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier which waits about 62 days before they are adopted into a loving home…

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RSPCA centers have found holes for about 900 Staffordshire and 400 Staffordshire crossbreeds in the last three years, according to their statistics released.

Here is a list of different breeds waiting times to be adopted:

American Bulldog Cross: 74

American Bulldog: 65

Boxer Cross: 65

German Shepherd Cross: 62

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross: 62

Rottweiler: 57

Husky Cross: 52

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: 51

Mastiff: 48

Crossbreed: 47

The dogs that get adopted the fastest are Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Spaniels who only wait an average of 12 days, the next fastest is the Cocker Spaniel who waits on average 16 days, closely followed by the Springer Spaniel who waits about 18 days.

The statistics are only shown for dog breeds that have accumulated more than 30 or more adoptions, to try to keep the data meaningful!

Like most rescue centers there are many dogs that wait for a loving home and to be adopted, so if you can, why not head to your local rescue center and adopt a dog now, responsibly of course!

Bella is one such of these dogs that really needs a home, she has been in the Burton’s Branch of the RSPCA for over a year!

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She was taken to the RSPCA by an inspector working for the association, the staff does know already a little about her past too.

Bella, it was imagined, spent a lot of her time being pushed in a small crate, which would also explain why she is so shy around anyone she does not know.

The volunteers said that quite often Bella is really shy and uncomfortable with new experiences and that she tends to be nervous around certain specific items…

She would be perfect for a quiet home and a family with small children or younger teenagers, as children too small would be suited to her temperament.

Staff at the center say that she is a really lovely doggie and that give the time she will come out of her shell and have a great personality too.

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Unfortunately, though people don’t even give her a second look, is so sad for her, she is stuck there in the center and she has so much to give to a family.

The Manager at Burton’s RSPCA said:

“It’s such a shame as no one gives Bella a second look. She had to have an operation when she first came to us as she had some mammary lumps removed and she has a touch of arthritis but we would support whoever adopted her with aftercare for this.”

“She came to stay with me after her operation and personality-wise she is one of the funniest dogs I have ever met. And she gets herself excited and she talks to you and sounds like a little dinosaur. She knew when it was food time and she would dance up and down on her front legs.”

“She loves to watch TV and is no bother at all in the house, she is a bit of a couch potato, she would make someone a lovely companion.”

Could Bella be the perfect doggie for you??

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