Unlicensed Vet Was Allowed To Operate, Puppy Died because of it!

Some of us are natural dog whisperers, however, unless you have a license and are qualified most of us do not even attempt to perform our own procedures, one person seemed to think this was all OK though!!

An expensive and exclusive Upper West Side veterinary clinic allowed an unlicensed staff member to perform surgery on a doggie in their care…

The clinic, last month, entered a guilty plea to the state Board of Regents who are responsible for licensing vets. In respect that they had willingly allowed an unqualified technician pull out a tooth of a doggie called Spanky.

They were fined $5,000 according to the letter that was sent to Colton by the state!

Colton said:“Five-thousand [dollars] to the state for my 1-in-a-million dog. How can you put a monetary value on something that is priceless?”


She really didn’t expect this to happen to poor Spanky, it was believed that the death of the doggie was related to Spanky’s anesthesia, what a terrible tragedy!

The so-called “Ace Ventura of the pet press” back in 2001 Colton was a former flight attendant and had been in the news before because she helped New Yorkers reunite with their lost pets, and that is how the name came to be!

When she first came to the veterinary practice in Gotham Colton was given options for the care of her loved doggie, she said that Dominguez had told her that they have a really excellent anesthesiologist…

When the operation came around and Dominguez actually operated on Spanky, she wasn’t even licensed to perform the surgery!


To be licensed a veterinarian has a mandatory 60 ‘credit’ hours of undergraduate work and on top of this four years of college which then leads to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, this is what the state says!

A log of the anesthesia for this operation was signed by the vet Christina Carbonell and Dominguez along with a second Technician, but in the case of the second tech, the state has not implicated them in any way.

The state didn’t respond to many requests to comment on the case and neither did Dominguez, Carbonell was not available for a comment either!

The founder of the GVC, Bonnie Brown tried to excuse what had happened, maybe even trivialize it by claiming ignorance of the law, she said that very often it is the case that everyone allows techs to do veterinary work, it’s just how it is!

Brown said:

“I actually didn’t even know that. Most practices, almost all practices, have regularly licensed technicians or unlicensed technicians pulling teeth. It’s been that way in the field forever …[Dominguez] spent three specialty years training in dentistry and passed extensive coursework. A very, very capable person!”

But the GVC has no excuses, they should have known exactly what was required and what should have been done, that is according to the attorney Karen Copeland…

She said:

“Ignorance of the law is not an excuse from liability…This person could have been incredibly competent but if you don’t have the license you can’t do it.”

Tell us what you think in the comments below, but it seemd to us like surely the licensing is there for a reason, so that’s what should be happeneing right?

What an awful thing, we send our love to Colton and rest in peace Spanky, we hope that this story will further raise awareness! Please SHARE with your friends and family.

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