University professor arrested after his dog dies in car – and it’s not the first time

Unbelievably, this is the second time the professor has forgotten a dog inside of his car!

A dog died after a professor at a university in Connecticut forgot her inside of his parked car on a day when the outside temperature climbed into the 90s. The devastating incident took place on Tuesday after 79-year-old David Beveridge, a chemistry professor at Wesleyan University in Middletown, forgot her in his vehicle.

Professor Beveridge was supposed to take his young Labradoodle, “Jennie,” to doggie daycare, but instead, he went directly to work – forgetting the three-year-old dog in his car.

By the time that he realized his horrible oversight, Jennie was dead – her body not able to withstand the intense heat inside of the parked car.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time that the professor had a fatal oversight. According to NBC Connecticut, back in 2014, Beveridge left another dog inside of a car. Like Jennie, the four-year-old poodle-mix named “Charlie,” died from heat stroke.

The Middletown Police have charged the professor with animal cruelty for Jennie’s death.

Car interiors become dangerously hot in a short period of time, even on moderately warm days. Anyone who spots a dog left inside of a parked vehicle should reach out to the authorities for assistance – time is of the essence.

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