The Coalition To Unchain Dogs Builds Fenced-Off Areas For 2 Chained Canines

Belinda wanted nothing more than to help the two dogs who had been abandoned in her North Carolina neighborhood, but Belinda’s landlord didn’t allow pets indoors and she didn’t have a fence around her yard. So, for the time being, the two pups, Mama and Oreo, had to be chained up.

One day Mama broke free. Animal control workers found her wandering the streets, but rather than taking the dog to a shelter, they returned her to Belinda, according to Canines Rule. Not only did they return Mama, a member of the Durham County animal control service also gave Belinda the number for the operations director at Coalition to Unchain Dogs, a local nonprofit organization.


The organization is “dedicated to providing assistance to people and dogs in underserved communities,” per their Facebook page, and thus were happy to help Belinda out. A crew of team members showed up at her house to help build fencing around her property.

“We built the fence for Belinda and her dogs and gave the dogs straw because Belinda lives alone and without a car in one of the poorest and most underserved neighborhoods of Durham,” Lori Hensley told Canines Rule.


“Belinda rescued Mama and Oreo and loves them very much,” Hensley added. “She just needed a little help in caring for them.”


Mama and Oreo waited patiently as the volunteers put the fence up. Once they were safely enclosed, they were let off their leashes. You can see the pure joy in both of their faces.

Check out Mama and Oreo’s full story below and watch what they do when free to frolic.

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