Unburied Dead Dog Discovered In A Woman’s Garden, She Only Got 3 Months In Prison!

How some people treat dogs will always remain a mystery to us, but especially in this case, we just can’t believe it, hardly at all…

This woman, in question, was banned from keeping pets for a lifetime, this resulted from her abusing a dog then also having another dog left callously rotting in her garden.

38-years-old Natalija Sidorova was also sentenced to three months in prison, but sadly the sentence was suspended for a whole year.

Section 58 of the Animal Health and Welfare Act allowed her to barred from keeping animals for a lifetime though, thank goodness!

It all happened, in Ireland, in the UK, and Karen Lyons from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was the one to actually enter the backyard of the Latvian woman’s house.

It all came about after a tip-off from a concerned member of the public who called it in. They found a carcass, both gut-wrenching, sad and upsetting, of a black and white terrier.

By the awful smell and the levels of decomposition they saw in the dog, a vet said that the dog had died at least a week ago.

The society also found that there were many hazards in the garden, they said that the most noticeable was a great number of wooden planks over the ground, all with nails sticking up from them!

The second of the two dogs that they discovered at the house was in both a really poor and a stressed-out state with lacerations to the genital areas and an infection in one of his paws too.

Karen, from the society, said:

“The conditions on this property were extremely hazardous for this dog due to the protruding nails, planks of wood, and also the decomposing carcass of the other dog was horrendous. This kind of neglect is intolerable”

The dog that survived was taken to the vets for an assessment where he got the treatment that he really needed, then later was taken to be rehabilitated in the National Animal Centre in Longford.

The dog has been named Nicky, and is now with a new family, we hope he really is happy now, he certainly could not be any worse off.

If you see a dog in distress do you know how you can contact the correct authorities? Well if not just speak to your local police who can direct you in the right direction.

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